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Polish Chamber of Tourism
Executive Office
Dom Polonii
Krakowskie Przedmieście Str.64 room 7
00-322 Warsaw
tel. +48 22 826 55 36
fax. +48 22 826 55 36

Numer 112
Polish Chamber of Tourism is the biggest organization founded by the tourism industry and operating all over the country. Activities accomplished during eighteen years of operation had strong impact on the way this business runs nowadays. It is extremely important after Poland joined the European Union. Since May 2004 the Chamber is the full member of ECTAA.

Being supported by the biggest tour operators and travel agencies, renewing their membership every year, means we can not only act actively in the sake of the further tourism industry development but also take good care of the already existing business. The organization structure, based on local representative offices situated in the main tourist locations like Białystok, Bydgoszcz, Katowice, Łódź, Olsztyn, Poznań, Gdańsk, Warszawa, Kraków, Szczecin, Opole and Wrocław, is of vital assistance.

The daily activities are managed by the Board, elected during the Members General Assembly in 2004 for 4 years term of office. The substantial issues are discussed in nine commissions, gathering experts recommended by the Chamber members.

The Chamber activities cover wide range of interests. The basic actions focus on fulfilling the statutory aims combined with representing the tourism business conducted by its members. Among other issues, vital for its 500 members with about 1000 offices spread through the country and representing ca. 70% of floating capital in tourism are the development of the tourism industry, its competitiveness on foreign markets, access to the new technologies or setting moral principles among its members.

The plans are realized through several actions. Among them one can find the Chamber cooperation with many governmental institutions, linked with the tourism industry like the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Finance, the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the Sports and Tourism Ministry, Border Guards as well as the Polish Chamber of Commerce, where the Polish Chamber of Tourism is the active member. 

PIT equally important actions focus on building the awareness of its statutory aims among the members of Parliament Commissions and forming strong cooperation with Polish Tourism Organization, Polish Agency for Tourism Development, Tourism Institute, Tourism, Hotel and Gastronomic Organization Board, Board of Regional Chambers of Tourism (where PIT is a presiding member since 2006) as well as Regional Chambers of Tourism, like Kraków Chamber of Tourism, Wielkopolska Chamber of Tourism, Śląsk Chamber of Tourism, Dolny Śląsk Chamber of Tourism, Zachodnie Pomorze Chamber of Tourism, Beskidy Chamber of Tourism, Warsaw Chamber of Tourism, Regional Chamber of Tourism “Europe Green Lungs” as well as with many tourism organizations like ZPKT, PFCC, PTSM, PTTK, PZH.

Polish Chamber of Tourism represents the opinion, both on local and international forums, that this economy sector should be treated as vital for the national budgets. For years PIT has been fighting for adapting the Polish law regulations to the European policies. It concerns especially issues related directly to the tourism services. Chamber is very much involved in this process.

The Tourism Services Act, enacted by Polish Parliament in the form PIT was opting for, was the most important law regulation for both service suppliers and consumers. Currently Chamber is looking for the ways to update the regulation to the standards and law procedures being in force of the European Union legislation. There is still a need to strengthen the tour operators’ protection against the service suppliers and PIT is striving for this.

Polish Chamber of Tourism actions are taken to protect Polish travel agencies against the competition with foreign tour operators, entering the local market. Extremely important are all the issues mentioned in the Strategy of Tourism Sector Development in the years 2007-2013, the promotion of Poland both in the country and worldwide, the plan of tourism infrastructure expansion, challenges for Polish travel agencies due to the new technologies and market globalization, the Polish tourism law regulations adaptation to the European Union standards, the national tax policy for tourism services suppliers, the transport policy for IATA agents and coach carriers, and last but not least, the growth of tourism services for children and youth. All the mentioned matters will be within the range of Polish Chamber of Tourism interest.

The Chamber members and the organization itself cooperate with international associations, like The United Federation of Travel Agent’s Associations (UFTAA), The European Travel Agents’ and Tour Operators’ Associations (ECTAA), The American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), German Association of Travel Agencies (DRV), as well as with IHA, IRU, IATA, SPATA and other local travel agencies associations, PIT counterparts in such countries like Spain, Russia, Tunisia or Portugal.

Representatives of Polish tourism sector and their actions on international forums lead to positive reactions and measurable results for the industry members both in Poland and in other new countries of European Union.

Thanks to the Polish Chamber of Tourism active negotiations with IATA and UFTAA, IATA agents and non-IATA agents holding the IATA/UFTAA/PIT cards may benefit from special discounts, up to 50%, on hotel and air ticket rates for all their employees. Joint Commission of IATA agents and airlines and its activities are of great importance as well.

Chamber actively contributes to the promotion of Poland, marketing national holidays and products offered by its members.

Polish Chamber of Tourism representatives take active part in local and regional tourism organization boards, working on campaigns to promote their regions. PIT and MT Polska organize for years now a contest “Weekend dla mieszczucha” (Weekend for the city dweller), supporting the new touristic products and less known tourist attractions and regions in Poland.

The participation of PIT members, on preferential basis, in the most important touristic fairs in Poland and worldwide is equally important. One of the fairs for the last three years gives a chance to promote the best tourism services suppliers – there is a prize of Crystal Globe presented to the best fair play company with Polish capital. Polish Chamber of Tourism sponsors many promoting actions, both local and international, like e.g. International Tourism Fair TT Warsaw Tour & Travel, LATO Fair in Warsaw, Gdańsk Touristic Fair, International Tourism Fair in Poznań, TUR-GASTRO and others.

There are also study tours organized by Polish Chamber of Tourism, in order to support the business exchange and promote local attractions. Tours organized to such countries like Tunisia, Italy, Thailand, Israel, USA, Switzerland and cooperation with Russian Association of Tourism Industry brought measurable results.
Every two years the General Assembly of Polish Chamber of Tourism is organized out of Poland. Up till now they took place in Austria, Tunisia, Portugal, Majorca and Cadiz (November 2007). Presentations, workshops and infrastructure sightseeing offered during these events help not only in to start new business relations but also support further development of trade contacts and give new impact to develop tourism services in areas fighting with high unemployment.

Polish Chamber of Tourism activities and most important issues bothering the industry are presented in all available media: newspapers, radio, TV, press conferences, interviews as well as in the form of Managing Office Announcements distributed to all Chamber members. They inform also about the most important changes, taking place in the tourism sector of economy.

There is the Certificate of Membership issued annually for every member of the Chamber since 1995 year. The Certificate bears the patent protected PIT logo and is handed over to the member after its five years of membership. The document has been recognized by customers as the sign of reliability, professionalism and proper provision of services.

PIT logo means good business quality and is protected by all the Chamber members to remain the sign of the company reliability and its competitive product. Using it on business letterheads, in advertisements and brochures should be the useful tip for the customers on their right choice of travel advisor.

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